Robust - Designed from the outset for intensive and demanding airline operations
Profitable - On account of its short field and overall short haul performance, its "high and hot" capabilities
Spacious - With more space per passenger than any other regional jet
Advanced - With the Honeywell PRIMUS 2000 integrated Avionics System, all-glass cockpit design, next generation technology

Number One in Regional Aircraft Performance as determined by operator responses for 2003.

- Professional Pilot Magazine


Dornier 328Jet
Rugged, yet sophisticated, the Fairchild award-winning Dornier 328Jet offers the best value in its class (sub-34 seat regional airline and large cabin corporate jet). In addition to its superior engineering, advanced technology, and unmatched operational efficiency, the Dornier 328Jet has the largest volume per dollar you can purchase.

A legacy of true performance, safety and quality is reflected in every Dornier 328Jet. Enjoying a pedigree few can offer, the commercial Dornier 328Jet is the inspiration behind the Corporate Jet editions as well as the Dornier 328Jet for Special Missions. You will be impressed by the 328's dynamic flexibility that delivers everything you desire from exceptional style and comfort to extraordinary reliability and efficiency. For Additional information please contact Lex Dyer at ldyer@328jets.com

EXECUTIVE: From exceptional value to incredible comfort, the sleek, yet rugged the DO328JET delivers boundless means for inspiring achievement and conquering the competition. The aircraft's unique artistry of change allows it to  to be utilized in a myriad of configurations, ranging from a 12-passenger Corporate Executive to a 32-passenger Executive Shuttle
COMMERCIAL: the DO328JET presents a unique business solution that will provide you with an economic advantage over your competition. From unmatched purchasing and operating economics to incredible overall performance, the Dornier 328Jet delivers on the promise of your investment
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